Driving Change: The Success Story of the ID.4 EV Launch Video Series

In the realm of automotive ads, standing out in a digital crowd is tough. But at Parachute Video Ads, we tackled this challenge with our innovative ID.4 EV video series. Our goal? Not just pre-orders and test drives, but changing perceptions too.
  • Crafting the Series: We designed the series for maximum visibility and engagement across all social platforms with appropriate aspect ratios for all placements.
  • Authenticity in Action: We featured real individuals driving the ID.4 EV to address misconceptions head-on, building trust and credibility.
  • Overcoming Negative Perceptions: We tackled common EV myths through candid conversations, humanizing the brand and fostering positivity.
  • Rebrandable for Every Dealer: Our series was fully customizable empowering local marketing efforts and fostering collaboration.
  • A Complete Advertising Funnel: From awareness to conversion, the ad series drove meaningful engagement and sales.
  • Impressive Results: With a low CPM and CPC, our solution achieved unparalleled success, generating new audiences for future strategies.

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    The ID.4 launch kit showcases our unique ability to gather customer opinions and feature products in a compelling way. A new vehicle series like this is the perfect opportunity to drive positive engagement with a new product launch. It doesn’t get better than real customers interacting with the product and sharing their opinions. Your brand can do the same. Let’s talk!

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