Hire People To Teach You

| Andrew Myers |
I have an Australian Shepherd, if you aren’t familiar they are big fluffy sheep herding machines. We all know that with great fluff, comes great responsibility. Failure to groom these dogs properly can cause a lot of discomfort for the animal and you. When it comes to hair cuts a bad cut can potentially damage the animals coat for the rest of their life and should generally be left up to the professionals.

Challenging People To Consume Your Product

| Andrew Myers |
A very common practice for new business owners is to create avatars for their ideal customers, which can be very helpful when creating effective marketing, packaging, or signage. But too much of this approach is not always helpful.

6 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Selling Door-To-Door

| Andrew Myers |
Some of the best salespeople I have ever met in my entire life started in door-to-door sales. They say anything you want to “master” you should do 10,000 times and there is no faster way to get yourself in 10,000 sales presentations front-to-back than walking door-to-door with literal “toys” and trinkets in a bag on your hip. 

Know When To Spend Your Money And When To Save It

| Andrew Myers |
When it comes to building/growing any business what you do with your money is vital to the health and future of your business. What makes a given business effective at being in business is their ability to assess the risks and rewards attached to various investments they have made in their business. Whether a business owner is investing in staff, office space, signage, marketing, or sales infrastructure each investment has a direct effect on their bottom line. 

Get Valuable, Then Get Paid

| Andrew Myers |
How can I make more money? (Good question, common question!) A lot of people ask themselves this very question, especially after a rough day at work when the time you spent toiling away and giving your energy doesn’t seem worth it or doesn’t seem to be “getting you ahead” the way you had hoped.

The Maybe Zone

| Dave Brazier |
Hearing “Yes” or “No” means that your job as a salesperson is over. If the answer is YES there is generally nothing left for a salesperson to do but write up the deal. If the answer is NO there may be nothing left for a salesperson to do but accept the loss. If there is one place a salesperson truly lives it is inside the zone between the NO and the YES. The “Maybe-Zone”.

The Juice is Worth The Squeeze

| Dave Brazier |
Sometimes it’s not every video that will make you money, or that payoff may be delayed, but building a relationship between the creation of the content and the creation of value for your business is essential to building a proper relationship between your business and and your business content.

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