Challenging People To Consume Your Product

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A very common practice for new business owners is to create avatars for their ideal customers, which can be very helpful when creating effective marketing, packaging, or signage. But too much of this approach is not always helpful.

A very common mistake of new business owners is placing too much value on the ideal customer, to the degree they don’t give a realistic opportunity to give input about the product from groups or avatars other than the key ones in their mind.  

Getting a sale made is not the only positive outcome when interacting with a prospect. When asking a customer for their business, or allowing them to try your product many other things can happen that are also valuable to your business and valuable in creating a better product overall. 

If a customer has said NO to your product this means that you have likely given them a fair chance to say YES to your product also, if they have not said either but have consumed or understood your product then be glad that they are in the MAYBE ZONE. (read more about the Maybe Zone)

Sometimes getting people to consume your product can be as simple as asking them to entertain your idea or product long enough for you to tell them how it works. In other cases, you may have to be able to provide some form of “sample” or discounted version of your product or idea so you can expect valuable feedback. 

After creating your ideal avatar a great thing to do is simply challenge random people to try your product that may or may not be your ideal customer and value all of the other things that can occur when a customer uses your product OTHER THAN simply getting paid, which is always the most valuable form!! 

Challenging People To Consume Your Product 

When a customer consumes or samples your product:

You can refine your pitch

The more people you present to, the more you learn about your presentation.

You can receive valuable input

Sometimes failing to make a sale can be the most profitable conversation of the day!

You can earn an advocate

There are few things more valuable to a business than an earned advocate, early on.

You can get lucky

Some of the best things that happen to a business are pure luck – roll the dice often.

You can get used to simple rejection

Not everyone will like your product, sometimes their input is the most valuable.

You can change or improve your product

The more input you get from people on your product the better your service/product will become.

You can discover the best price point

Ask people that enjoyed your product for FREE or for a discount how much they would pay for it, and wait!

You can BEGIN a sales process (maybe zone) 

Learn the objections to overcome and the process to build in order to motivate a new prospect! STOP trying to challenge your target consumer to buy your product/service.

Give them a reason to just try it and talk about it!! Either to you, or via testimonials and referrals! Give everyone that you can afford to give a sample, a reason to try it… and listen to what they tell you!

If you want a free sample of any of our services, we would love to offer you one and get your feedback!

Pick the one below that interests you, and give it a shot or pick and click both!

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