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Hire People To Teach You

Knowing the stakes meant that I would naturally hire someone to do this job for me, but as I sat there watching the groomer it dawned on me. They didn’t have any special techniques or styles that they knew that I didn’t know.  What they DID have, was thinning shears – special scissors that only cut about 30% of the hair per cut...

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Challenging People To Consume Your Product

A very common mistake of new business owners is placing too much value on the ideal customer, to the degree they don’t give a realistic opportunity to give input about the product from groups or avatars other than the key ones in their mind.   Getting a sale made is not the only positive outcome when interacting with a prospect. When...

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6 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Selling Door-To-Door

When collecting 250-350 NOs per day it only takes you one month to collect 10,000 NOs so the experience that you gain can be exponential and often gives people with this experience a unique perspective on how to succeed later in life existing within totally different sales systems on many different products.  Additionally, If you want to...

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Know When To Spend Your Money And When To Save It

This is why at its core an effective business need not be viewed as anything other than several risk/rewards ventures going well at the same time! But it is important to remember that each and every thing that goes well for a business, is usually the result of a successful investment being made by the owners or managers of that business! Growing...

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Get Valuable, Then Get Paid

Have you ever thought about how your employer views the situation? What is your position/job worth to them? Understanding how your employer would answer this question is ultimately the KEY to making more money at work, and asking for more money from your employer! When you’re a salesperson the math is a little easier to estimate because you...

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The Maybe Zone

It doesn’t matter if your client is so close to buying that you can taste it, or so far away from buying that you can’t stand it – the key to embracing the real job a professional salesperson has is to value these people equally, as “maybe”.  They are all just “not NO’s” and “not YES’s” so they are still your responsibility to groom,...

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The Juice is Worth The Squeeze

Several months ago in a training class, a salesman spoke up saying he wasn’t a “video-guy.” seeing that he was good-looking and well spoken, I immediately realized he had been missing out by not being a “video-guy” – or at least not viewing himself as one. Since I was traveling I had a little cash on me and knew I could make a good point...

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