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I have an Australian Shepherd, if you aren’t familiar they are big fluffy sheep herding machines. We all know that with great fluff, comes great responsibility. Failure to groom these dogs properly can cause a lot of discomfort for the animal and you. When it comes to hair cuts a bad cut can potentially damage the animals coat for the rest of their life and should generally be left up to the professionals.

Knowing the stakes meant that I would naturally hire someone to do this job for me, but as I sat there watching the groomer it dawned on me. They didn’t have any special techniques or styles that they knew that I didn’t know. 

What they DID have, was thinning shears – special scissors that only cut about 30% of the hair per cut and allow you to easily blend the hair you are cutting. 

I quickly realized the key to giving my dog a world-class cut would be to just take my time, and regard for quality and include the thinning shears and order of areas she cut and I would be set up to succeed.

Being successful is often about attention to detail, the ability to follow a process, and the ability to perform and follow through. There is no reason to assume that because you do not know anything about a skill you will not be good at it.

Being a business owner is all about being able to keep others accountable and often that is nearly impossible if you do not have a surface level of understanding about all the skills that exist within your business.

Often, you will need skills within your business that are not currently inside the business and you will need to hire. 

Where possible, hire people that come referred by others in your network that saw results with that vendor. Hire someone to teach you how to do it while they begin doing it for you so that you can gain the basic understanding of the skills you need to manage that process later on with an in-house employee that is not an outside vendor, or even take over the skills yourself. 

Paying for help in your business especially at the beginning makes a lot more sense when you see the cost justified by the fact you are paying for training on how to do things as much as you are paying to get them done. 

It makes you more valuable and either teaches you how to do the task or teaches you how to gauge whether or not a future person is good at that task. If you want to be your own teacher, become a video pro, or recognize a real one when you meet a candidate then we have the perfect course for you. 

We will help you create the perfect video series for your business with private coaching that is designed to show you exactly the process we used so you can repeat those results later on your own CLICK HERE

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