6 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Selling Door-To-Door

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Some of the best salespeople I have ever met in my entire life started in door-to-door sales. They say anything you want to “master” you should do 10,000 times and there is no faster way to get yourself in 10,000 sales presentations front-to-back than walking door-to-door with literal “toys” and trinkets in a bag on your hip. 

When collecting 250-350 NOs per day it only takes you one month to collect 10,000 NOs so the experience that you gain can be exponential and often gives people with this experience a unique perspective on how to succeed later in life existing within totally different sales systems on many different products. 

Additionally, If you want to learn about business, what better way to learn those lessons than to speak to hundreds of small business owners per day, asking them all the questions about who they are, how they found their way to their business, and what challenges they face. 

It is a great education! If you don’t have the time in life to go spend a few years selling door-to-door to get that full education don’t worry I have collected below the key lessons you are missing

6 Life Changing Lessons I Learned Selling Door-To-Door

1.The 4 Impulse Factors

Knowing about “impulse factors” is the key to effective sales language, and sales marketing attempts. 

There are specific signals you can include for your prospects that trigger “buying situations” in their mind that may have very little to do with the product. The 4 impulse factors are: 

Greed Factor – Talk about other relatable people that bought the product, and why they did.

Sense of Urgency – Create logical reasons why the opportunity presented may not last.

Fear of Loss – Create fear that the exact offer in front of them, may never be back again. 

Indifference of Attitude – Convey an interested but not concerned posture about the sale. 

Using these factors often, using them well, and using them in combination with each other will serve you well everywhere you go in sales. Door-to-door teaches you to literally think in impulse factors till it becomes natural to you so if you aren’t hitting doors you will have to practice!

2.Law of Averages

Going door-to-door collecting “NO’s” is an easy way to spend your day when you learn to apply the “Law of Averages” and develop actual faith in the numbers and odds involved the way professionals play the numbers advantages in Vegas. 

If 90% of people will tell you NO that means that 10% are telling you YES. 

If you can get 300 of those people to entertain your offer per day you can estimate almost 30 sales per day – which is often plenty. Check our more about the LAW OF AVERAGES HERE, and about ACCEPT LONG ODDS WHEN THE COST OF TRYING IS LOW

3.Attention is Currency

 When you walk 200 yards to talk to one person, even if you expect that person to say “NO” you learn to place an appropriate value on that prospect’s attention. You pay attention to their attention, what gets their attention, what keeps their attention, where you lose their attention… 

All of it teaches you the value of attention in the sales process and how to discipline yourself to gain as much as possible from the attention you are able to get from your prospects. 

Too many businesses have full areas of their business or advertising plans where the attention of the prospects that feed the business is not being fully un utilized (if utilized at all)!

4.Know where you are in the deal – Don’t ask.

When you start paying attention to where you lose most of the prospects you have you quickly start to realize it was the moment you asked for their business. 

The tension around that question is real for both parties involved in the sale, and often the moment it is asked it becomes the cue for your prospect to break the tension and excuse themself from your process with a NO. 

Going door-to-door teaches you that if you have not heard NO yet, then you are closer to hearing YES than you expected to be! 

Salespeople need to learn to embrace THE MAYBE ZONE and know the value of using TRIAL CLOSES to discover where you are in your presentation without having to ask and break the tension that is holding your sales conversation together!

5. Have Fun

When you talk to 300 people per day you pretty quickly realize the power YOUR attitude has on their attitude, and the power THEIR attitude has over YOUR sale. 

Once you understand how important it is to keep your prospects inside the “Maybe-Zone” , you realize how important it is that YOU are likable, and that you seriously are enjoying your job or at least finding a way to take joy from doing your job. 

Create a soundtrack, wear a funny hat, say a catch phrase to yourself, whatever it takes to “gas yourself up” and ensure that prospects you speak to feel like you are a breath of fresh air Bringing a vibe into each conversation can change the direction of the conversation entirely and make your job less stressful to do at the same time. 

6. The way you present a product is as important as the product itself

When you speak to a few thousand people per week you cost yourself a few sales. Lots of sales that could have been (or almost were) turn out to NOT be sales, because of something you either said at the wrong time or perhaps just should not have said. 

What this teaches you through trial and error is that often the product has very little or less than you expected to do with deciding if the prospect takes action. Often the situation surrounding the product purchase has more to do with the final sale than even the product itself does. 

When a few words cost you a sale (or gain you one) you quickly learn the power of words, the power of a strong sales “premise”, and the power of presenting the product in the most statistically successful light possible. 

“The good news is in today’s strange as it may seem marketplace you don’t even have to go door-to-door to go door-to-door in order to get a lot of impressions on your products, and to attempt and test your sales process hundreds of times per day… “

Video Advertising with built in product ad sets is not just the “new door-to-door”, it’s even better! Wanna go door-to-door on more doors than you could ever imagine? 

Trust the people telling you that “Sales is a contact sport”. The numbers matter but luckily, today, we don’t have to go door to door to spread the message. We have the internet! 

Want to learn how to use the internet to spread your message and not have to go door-to-door?

CLICK HERE and let’s get busy!

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