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Dave Brazier
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Hearing “Yes” or “No” means that your job as a salesperson is over. If the answer is YES there is generally nothing left for a salesperson to do but write up the deal. If the answer is NO there may be nothing left for a salesperson to do but accept the loss. If there is one place a salesperson truly lives it is inside the zone between the NO and the YES. The “Maybe-Zone”.

It doesn’t matter if your client is so close to buying that you can taste it, or so far away from buying that you can’t stand it – the key to embracing the real job a professional salesperson has is to value these people equally, as “maybe”. 

They are all just “not NO’s” and “not YES’s” so they are still your responsibility to groom, impress, engage, and deliver to a later step in your funnel.

A salesperson’s job is to work a prospect through various layers of a sales process, using trial closes and questions to gain information about where to take the conversation next. 

That is the job, not to sell every deal or prospect but to take every deal as far as possible and give every prospect the best possible chance to convert from a “maybe” to a “YES”.

Billions of dollars worth of sales each year are lost by salespeople not embracing their responsibility to create an engaging highly converting maybe-zone with their marketing funnel, or sales process. 

Many sales teams and marketers fail to properly value the process of simply encouraging someone to continue within your sales system and become a little more likely to purchase at a time – not all at once, or nothing at all.

“The longer you can keep someone in the maybe zone without turning them into a NO, the more likely they become to turn into a YES eventually. It’s a fact!”

In terms of a targetable conversion, a video is the only thing that creates an audience based on “maybe” being the key data point. Let me explain: Consider that you put out a top-of-funnel coupon offer graphic. The only thing a prospect can do is either “click” or “not click”. That’s it, sounds familiar right? (YES or NO)

A video offering the same discount still contains the “click” and “not click” options from before but NOW we are able to group together individuals who have watched any given length of our video and maintain them as unique audiences to advertise to later. 

These people would have fallen into the “not clicked” bucket with the graphic and wrongly been labeled a “NO” but through video advertising these prospects can have a second chance, a second impression, or more time to stay exposed to our messaging just in case we catch them at the right time.

“Social sales is all about putting the right message, in front of the right prospect, at the right time – sometimes it takes several tries”

The “Maybe Zone” is also actually where you find the cheapest impressions you can buy… because now you “own” the information that this prospect is interested in and don’t have to pay Google, or Oracle for “in-market” data on your prospect(s). 

It costs much more to target a specific audience or buy attention from any new prospect with services such as PPC than it does to simply stay in front of prospects you have already earned and simply retarget them. Remarketing is the most cost-effective marketing you can do, always will be!

If you wanna talk more about how to create a funnel that encourages new prospects that are failing to say NO to your brand, long enough for us to sell them on why your solution is one they need…

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