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Hire People To Teach You

Knowing the stakes meant that I would naturally hire someone to do this job for me, but as I sat there watching the groomer it dawned on me. They didn’t have any special techniques or styles that they knew that I didn’t know.  What they DID have, was thinning shears – special scissors that only cut about 30% of the hair per cut...

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Challenging People To Consume Your Product

A very common mistake of new business owners is placing too much value on the ideal customer, to the degree they don’t give a realistic opportunity to give input about the product from groups or avatars other than the key ones in their mind.   Getting a sale made is not the only positive outcome when interacting with a prospect. When...

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6 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Selling Door-To-Door

When collecting 250-350 NOs per day it only takes you one month to collect 10,000 NOs so the experience that you gain can be exponential and often gives people with this experience a unique perspective on how to succeed later in life existing within totally different sales systems on many different products.  Additionally, If you want to...

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Content Is Profit – BizBros Ep 209

Join Andrew Myers and the BizBros as they have a high-impact conversation about using content to grow and develop your business. Andrew talks about the importance of discovering your cost of acquisition and how easy it is to find funding once you do. We also discuss learning how to hear “NO” and how that can become a chief skill...

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The Morning Spotlight – Mike Ham

December 18, 2021 Andrew Myers This fast-paced conversation with Mike Ham from the Morning Spotlight focuses on the lessons Andrew learned selling toys door to door, how to use your attention as the greatest form of currency you have, and how to grow your business through better understanding your cost of acquisition so you can grow your...

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The Tactical Leader – Zack Knight

December 18, 2021 Andrew Myers This powerful conversation with Zack Knight features Andrew’s extremely valuable advice on how to grow your business from scratch! Andrew goes over his famous approach to the “Sell me this pen” dilemma often presented to salespeople and covers the “What’s next principle”...

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More Than Corporate – Amber Fuhriman

December 18, 2021 Andrew Myers Check out this meaningful experience on the More Than Corporate Podcast with Amber Fuhriman. Andrew gets into his experience selling toys door to door at a young age, what he learned, and how he learned to shape his behavior based on avatars he admired. A powerful message for young entrepreneurs and business...

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The Lucky Titan – Josh Tapp

December 18, 2021 Andrew Myers This impactful podcast quickly goes over Andrew’s 7 key steps to starting your business from scratch. These are not the same cliche “tips” many entrepreneurs have heard already before, but instead, are unique lessons Andrew has learned in building multiple businesses from scratch. We focus...

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Readily Random – Larry Roberts

December 18, 2021 Andrew Myers This engaging podcast with Larry Roberts of the “Readily Random” Podcast quickly moves through a range of interesting topics including how to create “conversational video ads”, how to use your attention as a valuable form of currency, and how to create targeted ads that will help you...

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Grow Your Impact, Income, and Influence – Steve Werner

December 18, 2021 Andrew Myers This informative podcast with Steve Werner on the “Grow Your Impact, Income, and Influence” Podcast covers a range of topics including how to “get paid” at your current job or next job, how to use old school methods to succeed with modern mediums, and how to use an interesting perspective...

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