Advertising Packages

Full Management



  • Complete Ad Account Setup
  • 24hr VDP Catalog Updates
  • CRM Lead Ads / FB Messages
  • 16 Custom Monthly Videos
  • Monthly Reporting / Planning
  • Staff Video Training Access

Model Specials



  • Ad Carousel Cards
  • 16 Total Videos Each Month
  • Pick Four Models To Promote
  • CO-OP Friendly Digital Assets
  • Customized To Your Brand
  • Videos For Every Placement

VDP Merchandiser



  • Complete Ad Account Setup
  • 24hr VDP Catalog Updates
  • (LIVE) Dynamic VDP Ads
  • Aged Inventory Tool
  • Price Drop Tool
  • Flash Sales…and more!

Don’t see the perfect package for you? No worries, we provide custom solutions all the time!

Need to see more? Check out what our other partners are saying about us. –

John Luciano

Exploring emerging trends, doing more for his staff, and being truly Amarillo Proud are some of the reasons why we love working with John. They are also key reasons why he has been so successful in his community. With staff involvement in particular we don’t have a partner that was able to get more buy-in from his people than John. The results speak for themselves.

If you have staff ready to get started becoming creators, or just need to change up your digital strategy or internal practices to stay with the times, “Jump In” with us and start getting results like John’s, call anytime. (Download John’s Report Here)

Jason Tate

Jason understands the value of cultivating a culture within the dealership that promotes and incentivizes ambition, prospecting, and content creation. Running a dealership that succeeds now, may not mean much if you do not promote a working culture that will deliver the same or better results in the new emerging marketplace that dealers will soon face.

We are not just advertisers, sometimes internal processes need to be updated to keep with the times before you can fully ramp up your digital strategy to match. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too!

Kristen Walker

The thing we love the most about Kristen is that she teases us and points out areas that we can improve our services from the perspective of a dealer. WE LOVE IT. Complacency in an industry like automotive which has so many new trends emerging and an equal amount of distracting fads can ultimately mean the failure of your business. We always say that staying where you are can sometimes be the hardest thing to do.

If you are like Kristen and always on the lookout for what’s next we’d love to meet you. The type of business owners that are not shy about what they want and take the time to research and verify results always tend to like what we have to offer.

Richard Walker

Sometimes your preference to not be on camera can only be overcome by your desire to convey an authentic message. Notes like this from self-made owners like Richard and our other partners at Coastal make us feel so fulfilled. Thank you Richard for taking the time to share your experience and for being the man behind the scenes always pushing your people to improve and leading by example.

If your team needs a better way to connect with customers and engage our staff with practical reasons to create videos, and content reach out to us! Our process will help you focus on all the things we can do together and the new culture we can create within your team!


One of the keys to our success is the real world automotive experience of our Founder, Andrew Myers, he has served at every level that exists within a dealership from Sales, to Management, Desking, Financing, and now Marketing. We understand dealership problems very well and how to create solutions that fit into our client’s daily lives.

Internally, we often joke that the automotive business uses a unique language all it’s own in many cases. Knowing how to communicate with customers, with staff, and even with managers is the key to creating a process that brings value to everyone, and actually works to deliver positive results for everyone involved and that is where we excel!


Any dealership or agency can run ads. Spending money on Facebook is not the key to spending money on Facebook! Engagement is. We often say it’s “never” about how many impressions you get, but rather how many people you impress! Customers search vehicles but want to talk about people and processes when deciding where to buy!

Our training platform gives individual coaching, scripts, examples, and daily motivation to your staff to get involved in the advertising process to create content that we’ll use on behalf of your dealership to create the most relevant and engaging ads possible. Don’t just sell cars! Sell your value, sell an appointment, sell your staff… with our training!


Our agency has never had to spend a dime on advertising to grow, nearly every customer in our book of business can tell you which of our other customers referred them to us and we take a great deal of pride in that fact! Our motto is “over-promise and over-deliver” and we strive to do that day in and day for every client we have!

Take a second to listen to a few of our real customers explaining what their #1 reason is that they would recommend us to other dealers. The unique problems we solve for each dealer/partner are different, but what is always the same is our incredible commitment to the partnership, their staff, their goals, and the results we achieve with their ad spend!

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